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About Us

About Semper Pacific Wealth Strategies

A letter from our CEO:

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for your interest in Semper Pacific Wealth Strategies. I’m sure you will agree that the World is facing an unprecedented environment, one in which volatility has become commonplace, with Currency, IPO and Commodity prices burning ” Red Hot ” in the headlines. In order to benefit from this, investors will need a clear understanding of the interaction between markets and to be able to use strategies that control exposure but also allow for a full participation in what could be a golden opportunity.

Semper Pacific Wealth Strategies unbiased knowledge of a broad range of markets makes it possible to customize strategies to meet your needs. Our goal is to present Investment strategies that can allow you realistic plans to potentially thrive, even in the current extremely volatile environment.

Simply put: Our research and diligent focus combined with commitment and transparency is what we feel will define our relationship & allow you to “Experience the Difference.”

I hold the current licenses, since 1997, Series 3 and 30. I am a registered CTA (Commodity trading advisor) and I also have completed the necessary requirements to offer Security Futures contracts.Currently I am registered and in good standing with the NFA and CFTC. In addition, I have passed all required courses in regards to Ethics training as well as having passed a 10 year Federal background investigation check where my fingerprints are on file. I am also proud to say I have passed multiple 100 point regulatory audits thus far. Semper Pacific Wealth Strategies firmly believes knowing about your investment strategist is paramount when beginning any advisory relationship. Again, we appreciate your interest and thank you.

Warmest regards,

Michael W. Malott

CEO/Semper Pacific Wealth Strategies

In addition, we can provide a host of other research products, including special reports, audio commentary, and several “Breaking Reports” that analyze a wide range of industry coverage ranging from USDA Supply/Demand to EIA Energy Stocks to the Commitments of Traders.Keeping your finger on the pulse of the markets.We are now producing early-morning commentary in an email/audio format.These presentations tie together overnight developments in financial, industrial and agricultural futures and provide a big-picture look at the trading day ahead.I am confident you will find these resources as valuable tools.